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About Me

Heyyyy!!! Welcome to Audacious Pursuit!

I am Chiquta Harris, the founder of Audacious Pursuit! I am a Montgomery, Alabama native currently living in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Jay for almost 12 years and we have 3 amazing kids – Nylah, Jay, Jr., and Ariah.

Here, you will find the beautiful pieces of my life that are cultivating me into the woman God has destined for me to become. It is my desire to share my journey and the journey of others with you so that you understand that you too are capable of accomplishing the will of God in your life.

Here is an updated list of interesting facts about me:

  1. I immensely love God! I am completely dependent on Him.

  2. Instead of being a risk-taker, I consider myself a faith-taker. Faith is the building block of whom I am becoming. There is so much freedom in trusting the unknown of Jesus Christ.

  3. Family, friends and a genuine sense of community is vitally important to me.

  4. Writing is more than just something I do. It’s a part of my ministry and my calling.

  5. Traveling and meeting people helps to cultivate a better world’s eye view of the people God intends for me to serve. It’s a space I enjoy being in.

  6. I am currently on the path toward establishing financial freedom for my family and I. Stay tuned for further details.

  7. I love intellectual conversations. Conversations about financial, marriage, Biblical principles, controversial topics, relationships, etc., I love it all.

My prayer for all my readers, subscribers and those just strolling by is that you leave not only feeling encouraged but also inspired to activate your faith to dismantle your fears in order to audaciously pursue after Christ. 

Feel free to email me if you just want to chat, say hi or need prayer. I would love to hear from you!



Audacious Pursuit

Pursuing Boldly, Relentlessly & Whole-Heartedly

Audacious Pursuit serves as a God-breathed and orchestrated ministry placed within my heart. God gave me the freedom to pursue this journey and it came to full fruition in September 2017.

Initially, Audacious Pursuit started off as just an ordinary vehicle for me to share my personal encounters with Jesus with others, one voided of religion or the personal opinions of others. It has since become the epitome of a beautifully developing relationship with Jesus, one that has exceeded my expectations in the most infinite of ways.

Looking back, I recall so many experiences in my life where fear completely consumed me. I was completely immobilized by fear. The irony to this was that I was a prisoner of fear all while claiming to be an heir to Christ. The overwhelming presence of fear (of my past, where I currently stood and the unknowns of the future) incapacitated me to the point of not realizing the gift of freedom readily available to me.

It was only when I began to lean further into the still small voice calling me beyond my borders was I able to break free from this bondage. I decided to release to Christ all my hurts, pains, imperfections and every negative obstacle that consumed my life. This is when I began to live.

My journey toward freedom in Christ is one that continues to evolve. It’s not stagnant or independent. It’s one that is totally dependent on Christ in every aspect including my work with this blog.

To audaciously pursue something is the act of doing so boldly, relentlessly and wholeheartedly. The Lord has impressed on my heart that His calling for my life should not be looked over due to fear. Instead, I should trust completely in Him by using my faith as an act of obedience in following His calling for my life.

Audacious Pursuit is the overall testament of who I was, who I am and who I am in the process of becoming. Audacious Pursuit was birthed to encourage others to pursue after Christ with all your heart and soul no matter your past or your current state. It serves to encourage others to live a bold, unrelentless life faith and one dedicated to total surrender to God’s will for our lives.

God has pressed upon my heart the seriousness of this ministry and his desire for me to further nurture it and its growth. It is my earnest desire to fully align myself with His mission and calling on my life. It is my hope that my vulnerability and openness will in turn allow you the freedom to experience the same -- a personal relationship with Jesus that will propel you directly into the depths of His specifically ordained purpose for you. May you too find Jesus on your audacious pursuit.

May the Audacious Journey continue!