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Happy September Yall!!

I think I have already mentioned that September is one of my favorite months of the year. I enjoy the weather, football, family and friend gatherings and the list goes on. However, this time of year can be especially hard for some as depression can reach an all-time high. As the seasons begin to change and we all prepare to bunker down on the inside for the holiday season, this time of year may be hard for some of us for various reasons. There is just so much we deal with mentally and emotionally around this t...

“Love the life you live, live the life you love.” – Bob Marley

For Jay and I, we are becoming intentional about creating adventures, traditions and memories that last a lifetime for our family. We decided that traveling was something that we collectively enjoyed as a family. True story -- anytime we are driving in the car for longer than 45 minutes, the kids begin to ask where we are going and for how long. They absolutely love to travel. This is a passion we want to continue cultivating within them by showing them that there's an e...


This post may seem a bit unorthodox but something that has been on my heart for a while. Being a mother is an important role in my life. However, being completely honest, this is an area where I struggled. I mentally and emotionally struggled to learn a new role from a previously broken place within myself. 

Thankfully, through God's grace, I have decided to not allow this broken area to continue to the next generation.  

To my sweetest Nylah!

When I first held you, it was a dubious moment. I felt such joy in becoming a moth...


Ever since I was, I have always wanted what I have today -- to be married and to have my own family. I wanted to give my children something I was not able to have growing up, parents living under one roof who loved them and God wholeheartedly. Beyond a few, I really did not have a direct example of the entity of marriage. Yes, I had some married family members and there were married couples that I knew but I was still never exposed to marriage. It was something I saw superficially. I usually saw all of the smiles and happy times.


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed their winter break and are looking forward to embracing 2019 with wide open arms just as much as I am!

2018 was a fun and crazy ride for me. It was full of growth and reflection. It had everything I needed including some things I didn't know I need.

Here are some of my 2018 highlights:

Spending crazy amounts of time with my family and friends

Increasing our savings while decreasing our spending/expenses

Reading 10-12 books (I finished my last one on December 31)

Starting a new job



Hey Hey Hey Yall!!

WOW! Less than 20 days until a new year. 2018 has been a GOOD year for me. I say this looking back (because there were times and moments when it definitely was not. Hahaha). Overall, I feel so much stronger and wiser. It's so interesting how I begin each year with so much optimism and hope and then there are those moments where I literally want to be anyone else other than myself. 2018 was definitely THAT year. However, I am learning to just put on my seatbelt and embrace all of the ups-and-downs and twists-and-tu...

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The Harris Marriage, God's Way

February 18, 2019

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