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I am Chiquta Harris, CEO of Audacious Pursuit & Certified Life and Spiritual Coach. As a coach,  I serve multi-faceted women of faith in overcoming mental and spiritual blocks that hinder them from fulfilling God’s purpose for their life.

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Like many of you, I struggled with understanding God’s purpose for my life. This uncertainty, birthed by countless mental and spiritual blocks, created tremendous confusion, stagnation, and chaos in my life. For years, Earthly gains (degrees, career success, accolades, financial gains, etc.), while commendable, left a void that still had me asking the question, “God, what is my purpose?”

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Audacious Pursuit serves as a God-breathed and orchestrated ministry placed in my heart. This journey started off as just an ordinary vehicle for me to share my personal encounters with Jesus with others, an encounter voided of religion or the personal opinions of others.

It is my earnest desire to fully align myself with His mission and calling on my life. It is my hope that my vulnerability and openness will, in turn, allow you the freedom to experience the same -- a personal relationship with Jesus that will propel you directly into the depths of His specifically ordained purpose for you.



Coaching with Chiquita was truly life-changing. We started meeting during the pandemic at a time when I was struggling to embrace the fact I was in a season of planting in order to truly bloom. Chiquita listened, genuinely listened, to what I was sharing, and offered great insight and solutions. She honored how I was feeling about certain personal situations, but as we talked through and about things, I was able to shift my perspective in a way that helped me feel so much more hopeful and confident. I felt everything she helped me with came from a place of truly taking the time to listen and pray over the situations I was sharing with her. Chiquita has a true gift of helping and coaching others. 

I HIGHLY recommend her services!



Chiquta has been such an amazing life Coach. It's genuine and knowledgeable. She has not only coached me through the most challenging season of my life but she has helped me to find trust in myself, and she builds from there. She’s also showed me how to not highlight the negative things but how to move forward with a plan to press on from the challenges and create a healthy plan in the areas I want to be fruitful in. Throughout my coaching, I’ve seen a healthier me mentally, spiritually, better financial management, and goal being accomplished. I highly recommend her services



I've helped women just like you......

I was struggling with staying on track with God. Honestly, I’m still “struggling,” but Chiquta has taught me that this is a journey and to take one day at a time. She has helped me realize that even acknowledging a “struggle” and wanting to change it is progress in itself. We’re not perfect, and we should not beat ourselves up about it but be proud of any progress.

As a result of being coached by Chiquta, I don’t carry many regrets or burdens. She has taught me that I was never meant to carry them in the first place. God will carry it all for me! Chiquta is very devoted to her journey and anyone she is walking/helping with along the way. She has a way of making “Life Coach” seem more like “Comforting Partner or friend.” She loves to talk and also loves to listen. She’s so full of joy, and you can always feel that good energy during each interaction. Lastly, she’s very relatable. She breaks down things to better understand them, making sure she relates things in a manner that you can better grasp and understand. As someone new on a journey of reading the Bible more, this helps as I need more information and detail to understand the meaning of a passage better.


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