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This month's Inspire Me testimony comes from another beautiful soul that I have known all of my life. We grew up in church together and have grown so much as mothers and individuals of Christ. Dalaiia is such a precious soul. She is full of life and my sis can SANNGGGG. She's probably not going to be too happy about me saying that but she will be okay (Love you!!)


She's so talented and I am so thankful to be apart of her life. Since my move to North Carolina, I have not been directly involved in her life but we have remained in contact and our catch up sessions are the best. 


I am so thankful that speaking out about mental and emotional health are topics that are now supported and encouraged. We never know what another person is experiencing or where they are mentally and emotionally. I am learning how important it is to check, love, encourage and support one another wherever we may be in our healing.  

Dalaiia, thank you sis for being so willing to be open and vulnerable about your experience. Trust and know that nothing that you have or are experiencing is "just because." There's so much purpose within you. I love you sis. 

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My life, my testimony... where do I even begin? Firstly, let me start by saying it was extremely hard for me to get started with writing this blog. Not because I didn’t have anything to share, but because I have SO MUCH of my life to share. Thank you to my dear friend, sister, and mentor, Chiquta, for always encouraging me to grow in Christ and step out of my comfort zone!

My Life!


My name is Ne’Dra. I’m a wife, a career woman, and a daughter who’s getting through life without her mother. My first testimony I’d like to touch on, is the experiences of life as a young millennial without a mom. I have so many unanswered questions, and conversations I’d love to have with her, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. Losing my mom was by far one of the hardest points in my life. On the contrary, going through that experience has allowed for my story to be a testimony to other women. I was 21, and a year and a half from graduating college when I said good-bye to my mom. My mom, as some women would say, was my best friend, my confidant, my biggest fan, my role model, and my example of what motherhood, womanhood, and marriage would one day be like for me. Letting go of all these attachments I had to her, was unexplainably difficult to say the least. But someway, somehow God stepped in on time and gave me the strength, and courage like none other! Somehow, I had the strength to call all my mother’s family and closest friends to come to say their final goodbyes to her in the hospital. Somehow, I had the strength to write her obituary. Somehow, I had the strength to pick out the outfit she wore at her viewing. Most of all, somehow, I found the strength to rejoice in her final breaths of this earthly life.


Now some people may say, “Ne’Dra, you were clearly in shock”. But no! I was completely aware of what was going on around me, and I was in complete acceptance that my dear mother and friend was dying! The only explanation for this strength is GOD! Another thing that God is so precise in, is his timing. I met my boyfriend at the time, exactly 5 months before my mother passed. He had the chance to meet my mother one time, ONE month before she passed. For that time of talking, laughing, and making memories over her last cooked meal I would ever eat, will forever be something I’m so grateful for. Who knew that that very same boyfriend, would be my husband! God! He’s truly amazing, Y’all! Who knew this same man would grow me spiritually and emotionally during the time of losing my mother. Push me to continue on in life and college. Gods timing, again, TRULY impeccable and unmatchable.

Fast-forwarding to life after the funeral, it has been difficult but joyous at the same time. Difficult in the sense that I have so many questions about being a wife, one day a mother, how to make a house a home, or even how to cook some of my favorite dishes she would cook for me. There’s nothing like mama’s cookin’, right? It’s also joyous because I know she’s no longer suffering. We granted her wishes by not letting her suffer here on earth if our God was calling her home. I find joy in the friends and role models that God has placed in my life. Although NO ONE could ever take the place of mama, I have people in my circle that truly care for me and my well being. Most of all, I’m married to one of the most God-fearing men that I know! He’s always there keeping me balanced and pressing forward! I couldn’t ask for anything more? Except for one last conversation, one last hug&kiss, one last I’m proud of you, Ne’Dra from my dear mother.

Marriage? Hmmm, the funny thing is I never thought I’d be married at 24! When I first met my husband, I knew he was the one, however; I didn’t know marriage would be our reality after 3 years of dating! Contrary to that, I’m so thankful we got married when we did, because we’ve grown so much together! We’ve experienced hardship together that has elevated us to grow in Christ! I’m so thankful! I’m so blessed!

We had a lot of financial hardship in the beginning. We were young, and like most millennials fresh out of college, so saving was NOT a part of our life. We went through our share of disagreements, and not talking for a few hours. but we always found a way to lean on God and trust that he would bring us through. 2 years ago, we started talking about how we wanted to buy a house. It seemed unreachable at the time! We started to research the basics of homeownership. How does the process work? How much money do you need to have? What credit score should you have? All of it was SOOO overwhelming in the beginning and literally felt like it was something we would NEVER accomplish.  


But God!


So long story short, we started talking about how we wanted to move to Georgia back in January of this year. Prior to this discussion, we had moved from NC to MD about two years ago. We wanted something different and wanted to be back in the South. We’re young, married, and no kids yet. So now was the time! We decided to press forward on our move to Georgia. My plan, in MY head, was to move to Georgia FIRST, then figure out the city and where we would settle down to buy our house. My husband told me many times how God put in his spirit we were moving to Georgia and into our first home! I was in total disagreement because the goal of becoming a homeowner felt so unreachable, and from what we researched we would need a lot more time to save up for this down payment and closing cost.


Fast forward about a month, we got in touch with a mortgage lender that walked us through the process of homeownership. She told us what we needed to do, in a matter of 2 weeks, we were pre-approved for our mortgage! GOD’s grace!! But…... the hard part hasn’t even come yet. My husband and I begin traveling to Georgia trying to find our home. The first home we thought was “the one” we put in an offer, got the results from the home inspection and quickly realized this was not it! Stress is beginning to pile at this point, but why? God already showed me how he could make a way out of no way, by allowing us to be pre-approved for our first mortgage! We were already getting on track with our saving for the funds we needed.


My job in MD? I work in the pharmaceutical industry, the organization I was working for at the time, then came back to me letting me know I could not work remotely. So not only was I stressed about finding our home, but now there is additional stress and doubt about finding a new job! God!!! Throughout this whole process, I can truly say my faith in God was tested in the highest capacity! I literally had no other choice but to trust God. I knew at this point there was nothing else I could do about making anything fall through with a job or house! The song “made a way” by Travis Greene would literally play on my pandora EVERY time I turned it on! It was almost like God was speaking to me through this song, and he was forewarning me of the blessings that were to come!


We were planning to head back to Georgia for round 2 of our home search. The Friday before, I received a phone call from a job I applied for back in January (which I completely forgot about). I had an interview that Monday and was forced to play the waiting game on hearing back if I got the job or not. for the next few weeks! At this point trusting and being faithful to God is my ONLY option. There was nothing I, my type A self, could do! I was constantly praying and asking him to take complete control of my life. Not only because I really needed this job, but because I knew he was the only one that could open this door for us to become homeowners after all that we’ve endured. It’s round 2 of the house searches, we’re back in Georgia again. We decided on a new construction home. We were fortunate enough to have found this home early in the construction process, because we were able to customize it as it was being built! From the lot the home sits on, to the hardwood and kitchen backsplash. We made this home “ours”.


Remember now, I still haven’t found a new job! I still haven’t heard back about the job I interviewed for the Monday prior. We head back to MD, with things already locked in for this home in Georgia. Another week went by, still no offer letter, but constant progress with our mortgage going through the various stages. Another week, no job offer, lender confirms mortgage is approved closing date is set.


Another week, another week.... then I get a call, the day before my 26th birthday. “Hi Ne’Dra, I have an offer for you” ...... Godddd!! I almost dropped the phone! “Yes, you’ll be strictly remote, and we want you to start in two weeks!” The feeling of joy, relief, reward, and love. In this trying time in my life, I literally never turned to God in such a powerful way, and he literally tested me on just how much I would trust him in this process. I quickly updated our mortgage lender with my new employment information, and things have been on the straight and narrow to us getting the keys to our first home! I literally could not be more excited, thankful, happy! I’m so blessed to be able to share my experience with God’s grace, and timing in my own life! Just when I thought something was so unreachable, my husband and I are now HOMEOWNERS!




























Truly blessed, and amazed! I pray that my life, my testimony, my story was able to uplift you in some way, shape, or form! Through my journey of life, I’ve learned that God always knows what’s best for me and WHEN. Although I may want something right now, God may be blocking me from something or preparing me for an even bigger blessing he has in store. I pray that God covers with a strength that’s so unimaginable, and you will come out of this with a test-I-mony!

God bless