• Chiquta Harris

Open Letter to the Younger Me.

Most precious Chiquta. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You were personally hand-crafted by the same God who spoke the world into existence.

Please know and understand that you were birthed with a purpose. It does not matter that you were not born into a happily married, 2 parent household or that you were placed into foster care. It does not matter what the circumstances were surrounding your birth and your upbringing. Just know that your being here on this Earth at this time did not occur by accident. Trust God and know that those things were always apart of His plan. They were His way of protecting and keeping you.

Although, you have so many unanswered questions and hurt emotions, trust the process. Do not give up or let in. Understand that you are loved beyond what you can even imagine. God loves you and is aware of every tear you have cried and every prayer you have prayed. What you are experiencing and will experience is not God's hatred or His way of punishing you. He is building the foundation of the characteristics, personality traits, morals and values you will need in order to walk in the purpose you were created to fulfill.

Be thankful for your beginning. Be thankful for your family. Be unafraid to be you. Be unashamed to graciously speak your mind. Love and embrace the things that make you stand out from others. Don't hide or stray away from who you genuinely are. Do not sacrifice yourself for those who seek to take advantage of you. Do not seek for the approval of others. Learn to be okay with fighting for and standing up for Chiquta. Learn to love you for you. Imperfections and all.

Do not become bitter and angry because of your past. Seek for God's strength, peace and love in the voided areas of your life. There are no depths to God's love or limits to His forgiveness.

Understand that there is so much more to Christ than what you can see. There are areas and places not only in the world, but in Him that He wants you to experience. True freedom is only made by way of Christ.

You, Chiquta, will have an impact on the lives of others. People will gravitate to the Christ they see in you. Your life will continue to be "abnormal" and "different." God's favor will take you to places your mind cannot yet conceive. You will grow to be someone who impacts your generation and the generations to come. Through your experiences, others will trust God to move in their lives and will be unashamed to live a life boldly in faith and in the pursuit of Christ.

I love you and look forward to our journey together in the Audacious Pursuit!

Bottom Photo by Isaiah Hunter


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