• Chiquta Harris

Hello 29!!

Happy Birthday to me!! Welcome Chapter 29!! I am so excited and thankful to meet you!! Year 28 was such as blessing. I've experience an incredible amount of growth and development this past year. I am so excited to apply all of the lessons learned not only in this next year of life but going forward.

I am in such a happy place. I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Let me elaborate further…

I am in a happy place because I now understand that I and only I control my happiness. My happiness is independent of others or conditional circumstances. I determine my realm of happiness. This is something I will no longer give to someone else.

Happiness for me is now in the smallest and most simplest of things. My happiness is vital to my well-being. My peace will no longer be overshadowed by seeking the approval of others. My happiness is my happiness. My peace is my peace.

I am grateful for my life. So many current events going on nowadays not only in America but in the world make me truly see all of my blessings in this life. My life is in no shape or form perfect. However, it is beyond blessed. I could not have written the script for my life any way close to how God has. The things God has done for my life are beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. God has been so gracious to me. For this, I am forever grateful.

I am so blessed. As I reflect back over the last 29 years of my life, I understand how Christ has been so instrumental in my life. Times when I felt that my life was pointless and lacked meaning, I now see how those times were the fundamental elements of who Chiquta is today. I now embrace what God has in store for me for the future because those times will be what are necessary for the woman God is constantly developing me into.

I am more cognizant of who I am. Even more, I recognize and fully accept Who's I am. I am constantly learning my worth (and adding federal and state taxes, shipping and handling fees, if I might add). I determine who I allow into my space (mental, emotional, physical, etc.). I am capable of guarding my heart. No one else has that power.

I am my own person. There is NO ONE else like me. I am my biggest supporter. I no longer compare myself with others. Doing so becomes a disgrace not only to myself and others, but it's like slapping God in the face. It's similar to a spoiled child. Unable to recognize the blessing in front of her because she is preoccupied by what others are doing or saying or by what they have. I recognize that there is enough room for everyone. God has given us all our specific purposes. There is no need to become consumed with what others are doing.

So, 29…hey girl!! Let's make this last year of my 20s full of adventures, memories and continual growth.


Photos by Husbae

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