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New Word of the Year

Happy Fall & Thanksgiving Yall!

I wanted to share some new and exciting news! I finally have my new word of the year and wanted to share my journey to this place.

My word of the year typically doesn't actually expand for an entire calendar year, but in some cases, it goes beyond that. I try not to restrict myself to a regimented time frame and instead work to be attentive to what God desires for me and move once He has given me the freedom to do so.

I typically spend a good amount of time before God seeking and praying to Him to make manifest the exact word He would like to minister to me and through me for a set period of time. I want to ensure that my personal desires and outside influence from fads do not partake in the realization of this important word so that it is actually edifying and purposeful to me holistically for that set period of time.

Some of my previous words of the year have been surrender and intentional. My last word was REST. It wasn't rest in a sense of getting more sleep (although this was needed). It was more of a reminder to be less busy and more intentional about being present. Also, it was a reminder of how short life can be and that I should cherish every moment.

As I have mentioned before, I had become so engulfed in what I and society thought was the new way of doing and going about things. However, this year was a time that I decided to earnestly embrace my word of the year. I decided to slow down and be more attentive to things and people surrounding me and in my life. I decided to spend quality time not only learning and accepting who I am but also Whose I am. Although I have spoken numerous times about accepting who I am, it has mainly been empty vain words. I was not at a place to fully understand what this meant nor was I able to fearlessly embrace this meaning and process of growing into this place.

For this new season, God has placed the word DECISIVE on my heart.

As a recovering people pleaser and yes woman, I often struggled with making decisions that were in my best interest or in accordance with that God desired for me. I would often have multiple scenarios that I would play in my head on what the outcome would be based on my decision and out of fear would not make a decision.

However, the Lord has really been pressing on my heart the urgency of attuning my focus to become authentic to Him and not others. Authentic to my purpose. Authentic to the identity He established for me. I would struggle with the most simplistic of decisions (what to wear, when to say "yes" and when to say "no", etc. ). The scripture James 1:8 became the epitome of who I was (Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do (NLT)).

I have always been indecisive but never acknowledged or took into account this action and its subsequent consequences until the Lord placed this word on my heart. One thing I realized was that in my "indecisiveness" I was actually making a decision. We are constantly making decisions whether we realize this or not. When we don't speak or act, we are making a decision not to. I wanted to change and take ownership of my decisions and to no longer become prisoner to them due to my fear of the potential consequences.

From a spiritual aspect, being indecisive is a tactic of the enemy. When we are indecisive, we are unable to take the proper actions toward the directives God gives us. More so, we become incapable of fighting the fight at our best potential because we are unaware of what's expected and what's to come. How can we fight when we aren't even expecting a battle much less prepared for it?

I believe it is important for us to do our due diligence of researching, studying, seeking wise counsel as well as praying when making decisions. The aforementioned are, at times, the garments that we put on to prepare for the battle that may accompany our decision making. However, these should not inhibit or delay us from making a sound decision. The decision-making is still a requirement on our part.

As a woman, as a follower of Jesus, mother, wife and all the other roles I carry, I decided to be intentional about being decisive. I prayed and asked God to take control of my thoughts. I also understood that this was also my responsibility as well. I needed to be more mindful of the things that I allowed to enter into my being. I had to take charge of my mind and recommit it back to Christ.


I decide to die. I decided to die to myself and to not allow this destructive habit to continue to impede my growth.

I decide to no longer wait to become the woman I want to be but to embrace and become her now. Without any hesitation.

I decided to break free from bondage.

I pray that this encourages you to also take back your power of decision-making all while trusting God to see you through.



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