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Dreams Turned Into Realities

Hey Hey Hey Yall!!

WOW! Less than 20 days until a new year. 2018 has been a GOOD year for me. I say this looking back (because there were times and moments when it definitely was not. Hahaha). Overall, I feel so much stronger and wiser. It's so interesting how I begin each year with so much optimism and hope and then there are those moments where I literally want to be anyone else other than myself. 2018 was definitely THAT year. However, I am learning to just put on my seatbelt and embrace all of the ups-and-downs and twists-and-turns. Looking back, I am grateful and I look forward to the future.

I have had some great opportunities and experiences this year. At the end of Nov, Jay and I had the awesome experience of going to see Michelle Obama on her Becoming Tour! IT. WAS. EVERYTHING!! She did not disappoint at all. Her poise, her class, her dignity and wisdom was priceless. I love her!! AAANNNDDD, Phylicia Rashad was also there!!!

*insert dramatic faint here*

Ok, ok, ok. This post isn't just about me swooning about Michelle Obama and Phylicia Rashad.

What's interesting about this opportunity was that at the beginning of the year, Jay and I decided to write our bucket lists of things we'd love to do, places we would like to go and people we would like to meet. Annnddd…guess who was listed on my list? Yep, Michelle Obama.

This experience has helped me to understand the importance of taking God's living Word to be true. In the Old Testament, God told Habakkuk that He was going to do something during his time that he wouldn't believe even if someone told him about it (Habakkuk 1:5). Further in Habakkuk 2, the Lord again spoke to Habakkuk and instructed him to plainly write the vision upon tablets and that although the vision may appear to be delayed, it will not be and will come to pass at its appointed time.

I believe that my trust in God to write out my minute goals on paper has indeed been the building blocks of the foundation of my faith. I was able to see, think and pray about these goals on a constant. I mean, when I first said that I would like to meet Michelle Obama, I wasn't intending on it occurring this year. Maybe some day long in the future. Honestly, I was shooting a dart in the dark but I knew that I would want to see this come to past.

This experience has given me an elevated drive to seek out, what in my mind seesm as impossible. Yes, I didn't actually meet her but I was closer to seeing her in person than I ever have been. I also do not believe that this would have ever happened had I not put this goal to paper and asked God to bring it to fruition.

Lately, I have constantly been hearing the Lord say to me, "Increase your faith. Take a risk on me." I mean I have been hearing this all over the place. In books, devotionals, conversations, sermons. You name it. All I hear -- TAKE. THE. RISK.

Being who I am as a wife, mother, friend, etc., I have thousands of thoughts running through my head on a constant basis. Things I need to do, places I need to go, people I need to text and the list goes on. I have began the habit of having a notebook and pen with me at all times (or using my OneNote or EverNote app) so that whenever the Lord speaks to me, I am able to write it down and review or study it later.

That's it. WRITE IT DOWN.

When we write things down, they become real to us. So real that we desire to speak them. When we speak on them, they become alive. When they become alive, we feel the need to activate the needed work in order to step out on faith to see those dreams become realities.

There is so much that God desires to do in our lives. I do not want to ever live a life of regret. Regret of the things I did not do because I was afraid to take a risk on the one Person who I can fully depend on without any hesitation.

To me, being in Washington D.C at this appointed time, in the presence of Michelle Obama was HUGE. However, I laugh because I sense that this was only a small fragment of experiences and exposures that God has planned for me. The limitations of my mind can only stretch so far on thinking about all He has predestined for me.

So, let's all begin to dream harder and bigger and genuinely try God. Let's put all bets on Him. I have this feeling that He wont disappoint.



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