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Fall 2019: Prayers for My Sisters

Happy September Yall!!

I think I have already mentioned that September is one of my favorite months of the year. I enjoy the weather, football, family and friend gatherings and the list goes on. However, this time of year can be especially hard for some as depression can reach an all-time high. As the seasons begin to change and we all prepare to bunker down on the inside for the holiday season, this time of year may be hard for some of us for various reasons. There is just so much we deal with mentally and emotionally around this time of year.

This year, the Lord laid upon my heart to write and share specific prayers for my sisters in Christ. I want to provide you with encouraging word that may help you to lean further and deeper toward Christ during this season. I want to speak life into you and your hearts and let you know that you are more than capable through Christ Jesus to endure this season.

I pray God speaks through me and that it touches your heart and prompts you to be present in the moment, taking it one day at a time. I want you to know that you are worthy. The purpose inside of you is important to all of us. We need you. We see you. We love you.

Maybe some of these prayers do not specifically apply to you. If this is indeed the case, share them with someone you may feel can benefit from them. Pray these prayers and others with those who may also need to hear these words. Be that mother, sister, or friend that someone else needs.

I love you and I am always praying for you.



A Career Woman's Prayer

I honestly believe that now is one of the greatest eras to be alive. Yes, there are a ton of things that could be better but the vast amount of opportunities and resources that are available to us are without question some of the wildest dreams of our ancestors.

Whenever I log into my Instagram, scroll on Facebook or read emails, there are countless inspirational women who are starting businesses, completing degrees, going after their passions, breaking barriers, establishing generational wealth, redefining success, and creating new paths for others to follow.

I am reminded of the woman of virtue in Proverbs 31. This woman is the epitome of a boss woman. The chapter speaks of the numerous job titles that she holds. She is a wife, a mother, a manufacturer, a realtor, a philanthropist and the list goes on. She was wise, resilient, determined and focused. I believe that she alone was not just one woman but she embodies examples of what can happen when we live a balanced and surrendered life dedicated to fulfilling the purposes of Christ.

Listen, no one can ever convince me that the Bible is not real, alive and practical. There is a place, even in this small section of the Bible, where we all can relate.

Did you noticed that there was no mention of her physical appearance or anything vain? Even in all of this, the most important characteristic that she possessed was her intimate relationship with Christ. This helps to reinforce the belief that it's not the exterior that's important or what defines us. In a moment, our physical attributes can be changed forever. Furthermore, our outward appearances can be overshadowed by what we inwardly possess. I remember my grandmother telling me, "The most beautiful person with an ugly attitude would appear to be ugly to other people no matter how much make-up is applied."

What I especially love about us women today, is how we are boldly becoming ambassadors for Christ in arenas we once were not considered worthy of entering. There are a high percentage of women leaders in some of the most unorthodox places -- politics, technology, the military, healthcare education, and business. It is important for us to expand and grow so that God can continue to be revealed throughout the world.

It is important to also remember that while we are being elevated, we must also remain humble. To whom much is given, much is required. Promotion at times can come with new, elevated levels of testing. We must work to ensure that we do not become consumed with worldly gifts and recognition that we lose sight of our calling. Our driving force should always be to seek to bring glory to the Kingdom of God.

Breaking through these glass ceilings can be challenging and intimating at times but similar to the Proverbs 31 woman, we are relentless in our pursuits.

I pray we do not lose our vigor, our passions and our zeal to stretch and grow ourselves to become what God is calling us to become.

For those readers who are unsure where God wants you, let me reassure something to you. You are exactly where God wants you to be. In this season of stillness, draw closer to Christ. Trust that His timing is perfect and that in due season, He will reveal His purposes to you. God is a redeemer of time. When you are walking in your purpose (which does include seasons of stillness), know that God is preparing you. Trust Him completely. He will never leave or forsake you.

Dear Jesus,

I thank you for each and every one that will read this prayer. I ask that you continue to place us in positions that will stretch and grow our faith and capacities. Being a trailblazer is no easy task as the journey may feel treacherous and lonely. I ask that you continue to encourage and uplift our spirits in a way that we relentlessly continue the fight in the pursuits of the things that you have planned for us. Remove every ounce of self doubt. Do not allow us to prematurely abort the task you have assigned to us. On days where we want to give up and quit, remind us that you are our source for everything we need in order to continue forward. Help us to keep at the forefront of our minds that the work we are doing is meaningful and full of purpose that will carry on to generations behind us. We thank you in advance for all of this as we continue to go boldly and confidently into all of the places you are calling us into.


A Mother's Prayer

I want to begin by saying that motherhood is an enormous blessing. For a woman's body to be able to procreate life and sustain it to birth, it's totally amazing! There is just a special connection to our babies that is hard to place into words.

With all of this, motherhood can still be quite overwhelming. From the struggles of trying to get pregnant, to being pregnant, tedious long hours of labor and deliver, late nights, early mornings, sleep deprivation, erratic emotions, finding balance and so on as we all know that this list never ends.

We feel drained. We feel burnt out. We struggle to ask for help. We feel judged. We feel incompetent.

To add, not only do we struggle internally but we also struggle externally. Things are just not as they were for us. I feel there are just so many more things that cause us to worry. The number of scary and frightening events that are becoming a constant in the news and our world today can make any mother want to take their babies in and never let them go.

One thing that has helped me in this season is to become completely dependent and reliant on God. I must not allow myself to become anxious and full of worry when it comes to my children. To the contrary, I must fervently pray and ask for God's covering over them.

I decided to get further guidance within the Word and came upon the story of Moses' mother. Maybe you're like me and never heard of her especially since her actual name is not mentioned until later in the scripture (Exodus 6:20) and by this point, Moses had already been called by God to approach Pharaoh on behalf of the Israelites. Up until that time, she was just known as a Levite woman who married and had a son named Moses (Exodus 2:1-3). From the short mentioning of her in the scripture, as a lot of emphasis was placed on her son, it's easy to forget the significance she played in the life of one of the most pivotal Biblical examples we have.

I believe from this point, we all can relate. Although this is not how it is explicitly stated, how many of us are blessed with additional roles in life (wives, mothers, etc.) and can easily feel ourselves losing our sense of personal identity? We become known as our husband's wife or our children's mother to others and even to ourselves. I honestly do not think this is intentional on our part. It just happens over time as we strive to be the best we can in these roles. We feel that we will always have time to take care of ourselves. So we place ourselves last, unaware of the gradual deprivation this causes until we have lost all sense of balance which is so vital to the success of our role as mothers in God. Without it, we are unable to be what our children need. Today, I want to tell you, whatever that Godly balance looks like for you, lean more into that. If you are unsure what it is for you, ask God for guidance and trust for Him to provide it.

Ok, back to Jochebed (Moses' mother). First, Jochebed was a woman of great courage. At the time of her giving birth to Moses, Pharaoh had given multiple decrees to have the male babies killed (during birth and to be thrown into the Nile River if they survived birth). The Bible speaks on how Jochebed knew from the beginning that Moses was a special child (Exodus 2:2). She knew that although this new mandate was the law of the land, she also knew that this was not in alignment with what God intended. She disavowed Pharaoh's law to spare the life of her son in obedience to God. She decided to trust in God completely. As time continued, Jochebed could no longer hide Moses. Again displaying her courage and dependence on God, she decided to create a basket and place her son in the banks of the Nile River.

Let's look further at this. Can you imagine placing your infant son within a basket and placing him in the Nile River? The Nile River is 4,132 miles long. To put this in perspective, a similar length would be going from North Carolina to California AND back. Jochebed placed Moses in the river and he went sailing off with his sister watching slowing behind. Jochebed trusted God with her child more than she trusted herself. She knew that if she was obedient to God, He would keep His promise.

As mothers, there are a lot of fears that we face. There are a lot of uncertainties we have in regards to our children, but just like Jochebed, we should replace our fears by completely trusting in God. We must always remember that He loves them greater than we ever can. He can provide them with more than we ever could. If we let go and allow God to be God over their lives, He will lead them directly where they need to be.

Because of Jochebed's trust in God, Moses was spared and he went forth in completing the will of God for His life.

We as mothers are built for this role in life. We he been hard wired to do all of the above all while becoming stronger during the process. This is where our foundation as mothers lie, securely in Christ Jesus. This is what makes us amazing mothers -- our obedience to and total dependence on Him. One overarching theme we can see among mothers in the Bible is their dependence on Christ. We see their successes for their children and the generations to come are the results from the overflow of their personal relationships with Jesus.

God entrusted His gifts (our children) to us for only a set period of time. Let's not allow people and things of this world to intimidate us. Instead, let's walk and move boldly in our roles as mothers.

Let me also let you in on a little secret -- You are the best mother that your child(ren) can ever have. No matter what your status is as a mother (single, married, divorced, one child, six children, adoptive mothers, entrepreneur, career woman, stay at home mother,etc.), God has equipped you with everything you need internally to be the best mother your children will ever have. God intended for it to be this way. There are so many variables that could have changed the outcome of you not being your child's mother but God specifically saw fit for events to occur exactly the way they did.

I pray that we as mothers become a beacon of God's light and love to our children through our obedience and dependence on Him.

I want to let you know that you are phenomenal and God made no mistake in choosing you.

Lord, I pray for every mother reading this today. I ask that you equip her with the mental and emotional fortitude to acknowledge and walk in her purpose as a mother. Shower her with your love and grace so that she does not compare herself with others. Allow her to walk boldly and confidently in the work that you have given to her as a mother. Provide her with the peace of knowing that You are more than able and willing to fill in the gaps where she feels that she lacks. Provide her with a community of God fearing, wise women and other supporters that will speak words of life into her and into the lives of her children. Help her to understand that her past does not define her and that everyday is a new day full of opportunities to grow into the purpose You have designed specifically for her. Continue to teach her Your ways so that she may instill them into her children. We thank you for choosing us and are forever indebted to You!


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