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The Commencement of Kairos

Audacious Pursuit is a ministry God has given me to share. However, my Audacious Pursuit is bigger than just me. As a wife and mother, my call in my personal audacious pursuits that is inclusive of all God is calling me to become and accomplish also impacts and pours into the lives of my husband and our children. This is why it is critically important for me to ensure that I remain properly aligned with God and not be led astray by my own ambitions and motivations that could potentially be harmful to my family.

In doing so, we have some exciting news!! The Harris Family is officially moving from North Carolina!

This move hasn't been ordinary by any measure. As a result, it was really hard for me to put into words what this move meant so I immediately went into my Word to find guidance on how to depict this in words. During my study, I came across the word Kairos. Kairos is a Greek word defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action or the opportune and decisive moment. A scriptural context is the story of Esther. Understanding and abiding by God's timing are vital when living a fully surrendered life.

For some time now, Jay and I have wanted to move from North Carolina. Whenever we thought the time was right, it turned out to be the opposite. There was just something that further ingrained us in North Carolina or after further thought, it just didn't actually feel right to move at that time.

We wanted guidance based on experience from friends who'd been in a similar position. We have a brother and sister that moved due to a different calling God had placed on their lives. When speaking to them about their transition, I learned how they had wanted to move for quite some time. I asked them what made now the right time and learned that they had been seeking counseling from our Pastor before making any decisions to move. This was quite odd to me initially. They were full-grown adults, capable of making whatever decision they needed to make in order to do things according to what was best for their family.

Their reason for why they sought counseling is something I took to heart and will continue to do so going forward.

They told us when God led them to our church, they were surrendering to the call of spiritual obedience, leadership, and covering of our Pastor. When God led them to our church, it was not just some haphazard move. It was a divine calling to be under our Pastor's leadership for that period of time. Because of this, they could not just move when they felt like it. They first needed to speak with and obtain guidance from him on what God was calling them to do next. They desired our Pastor's blessings in order to move to another Pastor's leadership.

Before moving forward, I want to ensure that my readers do no get caught here. Yes, as believers, God is our ultimate guide. However, He has placed Pastors in our lives as advisors or guides on how we should do things. Ultimately, we should always follow the leading of Christ in our lives. However, if we have made the decision to join and be apart of a church, we should position ourselves to speak with our Pastors/leaders before making a move especially one that causes us to leave the church. The Bible speaks that things should be done in decency and in order. For our family, leaving our church without first having a conversation with our Pastor would be out of order for us.

To help put this in a better context, think of this as a shepherd. As shepherds, their responsibility is to ensure the covering and care of those whom he/she shepherds. How then can he effectively shepherd a sheep that is hellbent on doing things their own way, contrary to that of the one who has been assigned with the task of covering him?

So for us, since we had been so deeply embedded within our church and our Pastor and church family was more than just a group of people we saw weekly, we felt it proper to discuss our plans with our Pastor.

Also, this was not something we just told him right before moving. We actually mentioned our desire to move to him roughly a year or so ago. At that time, he told us that he felt we needed more time to grow as a couple and a family. He felt that moving right now from under our current spiritual teaching would probably not be the best for us. He asked us to wait for another year. Initially, we were disappointed because we were ready to go. There was really nothing holding us back but this new principle we had established from our friends.

To be honest, he was right. Jay and I were just bouncing back from one of the toughest years of our marriage and things were beginning to finally turn. It was only right for us to spend more time cultivating these newly learned principles and embedding them more in our hearts and minds. One of these principles is not aborting the process toward the promise.

So for months, we continued to meet with our Pastor discussing and understanding God's purpose for us as individuals, as husband and wife and as parents. It was tough in more ways than we expected. One, we just wanted to move. Two, we were being constantly challenged to have hard conversations that Jay and I avoided for months and years on end because we felt that we were good.

During this season, we began to feel as if we were in a period of nothingness, the mundane and just the ordinary. When in actuality, there was a lot going on behind the scenes. God was working heavily on us and within us. We just had to learn to quiet ourselves and trust the process.

We redefined our goals as a family. Jay and I discussed what we really wanted out of life in regard to our relationship, the future growth of our children, travel, finances, extended family and a plethora of other things. Above all, we wanted to make sure we were ultimately living God lead, faith-filled lives. During our last conversation about this without Pastor, he provided His blessing for us to follow God's leading. This became the commencement of our Kairos moment!

So here we are, now days away from our BIG move.

Our lease has ended.

The kids are withdrawn from school.

We said "See you later" to our close friends.

We've cried so many tears and gave countless hugs.

We've updated our mailing address.

We've prepared our new home.

We are now all packed up and the movers are en route.

So to North Carolina….Thank you! You became our new home. What initially should have been only a 2 year stay turned into 11 great years.

As I reflect on our years here in North Carolina, I am filled with an overwhelming amount of gratitude. Amidst the pains, disappointments, delays, and restarts there have been even more joys, growth, love and promotions.

Because of you, we have made meaningful friendships that have evolved into family. All of our children were born here. Both Jay and my career started and blossomed here. We established our own foundational roots. I received 2 degrees here. Family traveled from all over to visit us here. Our church became our family and helped us to understand that God is more than religion. He is a God of connection, relationship, and fellowship. So many great and unforgettable memories were made here.

In spite of everything, North Carolina was an immense blessing to the Harris family.

Although we are excited about this new chapter, this move is bittersweet. New chapters ahead are filled with uncertainties that are sure to require us to surrender to God's will consistently. This at times can be difficult when you've become accustomed to a certain level of normalcy and comfort. However, we are determined to stay the course toward this newness God has for us.

We elicit your prayers for us as we transition to this new place called home.

All pictures by Isaiah Hunter of Esteem Enterprises


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