Chiquta is a passionate leader, change-agent and warrior for Christ. She is the founder of Audacious Pursuit and she's committed to leaving her legacy on this Earth. Chiquta is a Purpose and Optimization Coach and leads women into the clarity of their purpose. Chiquta was raised by her great-grandmother from the tender age of 6- months and her great-grandmother's influence has motivated Chiquta to live her life to the fullest. This Montgomery, Alabama native is a wife and a mother of three children Nylah, Jay, Jr., and Ariah.


Outside of working as a full-time clinical research lead and working alongside husband with his real estate consulting business, she loves to spend her undivided attention pouring into women as they audaciously pursue their life's calling. Chiquta serves as a constant reminder that even when hardship, adversity, and confusion try to paralyze our paths, there is always breakthrough waiting on the other side of hard work and focus. Chiquta has helped countless women redefine and reorganize their lives so that they can prioritize their purpose. She firmly believes that every woman has dreams unrealized in their lives and she longs to awaken those gifts from the inside of them.


During Chiquta's coaching sessions, she has helped women land dream jobs, break into their own personal freedom and walk into destiny. You can check out her coaching services here: (place link here) Chiquta says this about her online platform: To audaciously pursue something is to do so boldly, relentlessly and wholeheartedly.This is why Audacious Pursuit was birthed; to encourage others to pursue after Christ with all of your heart and soul. Do not be dismayed by your past or current state. Live a bold life of faith. Live a life dedicated to surrendering and obeying His will. Let's do this pursuit together.