Let's Chat

Reading and connecting with others are two of my ultimate fav pastimes. Being able to sit on the couch and read a good book or having a thought evoking conversation with others is where I feel I am challenged and able to flourish the most. It allows for me connect with Christ and myself in such an intimate setting. It's a place where things come into a different and "soil tilling" perspective. I truly love it!


The Interchange will be a place just for this. Here I will discuss books, devotionals, scriptures (the list can go on and on) that I am currently reading or have read. I will also share my thoughts on the things I've learned and what I feel the Holy Spirit is speaking to me.


I would love for us to join together in a virtual small group setting and see where the Lord takes us. Everyone who is willing is encouraged to join.


I believe it will be an awesome place of growth.


I will have more information on the first reading soon! Stay tuned!